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19th Annual Autumn Workshop

Sunday 28th November 2021, to be held online (via Zoom)

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                                 15:10 - 16:10    Jerry Talandis Jr and Theron Muller, University of Toyama.


                                  Student Self-Evaluation in Speaking Classes

A common challenge is the classroom time required to evaluate student oral production. To address this, we developed a system for students to self-evaluate their speaking through recording and transcription. Students observed that this focused self-assessment helped them better understand and implement the conversation strategies we use in class. The techniques featured are compatible with both online and face-to-face instruction


                                16:20 - 17:20     Stephen Richmond, Kyoto University of Advanced Science.              


                                Intercultural Communication Basics in Language Classes


Introducing some basic ideas about cultural tendencies and differences into EFL classes is worthwhile and surprisingly doable. There are a number of strategies we can use to help make these topics engaging, accessible, and fun. In this workshop I will demonstrate ways that help intermediate-level students to connect with sometimes-arcane topics, and express themselves in the target language with refinement and respect.

                               17:30 -      Online Socializing Enjoy a spot of socialization with fellow teachers and researchers, from the comfort of your own home. Prepare your own drinks and snacks, and have a kanpai with us!

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